Statistical Analysis Services

  • July 21, 2022

The research group of mathematical and statistical data analysis announces the necessary preparation to provide statistical analysis services in the following subjects.
• Conducting various statistical analyzes for research projects, faculty members and university research centers.
• Examining the statistical analysis done, consulting and verifying them for the students of supplementary education.
• Consultations related to statistical analysis
• Consulting in identifying the necessary tests and performing various types of statistical analysis for postgraduate research.
Applicants to use this type of service must complete their application in the form below and upload it to the website. The request sent by the director of the research group of mathematical and statistical analysis of data (Dr. Velayati) has been reviewed, and after determining the type of activity, the type of tests and statistical analysis, the price has been estimated, and the result will be announced to the applicant. The applicant will use the service by depositing the estimated cost to the university account.

Please download the form, complete it and upload the completed file below.

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