Mathematical and Statistical Data Analysis

Today, with the advancement of information and communication technologies, a huge amount of data is being produced in communication and information networks, and one of the necessities of business success, even on a small scale, is the possibility of using this information and data. host. Due to the activation of the mathematical and statistical analysis group in the Big Data Research Center, this center is ready to carry out new activities in the field of providing statistical analysis services. The objectives of the mathematical and statistical analysis group of the data are as follows: A) Providing statistical analysis services to organizations, research centers and graduate students B) Consulting on optimization and evaluation topics and mathematical topics of various researches C) Cooperation with other groups of the big data research center in the fields of statistical and mathematical big data D) Providing services through supervision, statistical consulting and implementation of in-university and out-of-university research projects. E) Improving the quality of scientific findings by increasing cooperation between the Department of Statistics and researchers in other sciences inside and outside the university.

the activities of the Mathematical and Statistical Data Analysis Group are as follows:
1- Teaching, promoting and spreading new statistical methods, including the use of statistical software in research.
2- Consulting on optimization issues and calculating organizational efficiency and evaluation.
3- Reviewing the statistical analyzes performed, their counseling and validation for graduate students.
4- Performing various statistical analyzes for postgraduate research.
5- Performing various statistical analyzes for research projects of faculty members and research centers of the university.

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