IOT and Big Data Development

Today, we are witnessing the increasing progress of technology and the emergence of new fields and smart technologies all over the world, and Iran is not without this growth and development. The needs of society and the advancement of technology, including the Internet of Things, have forced researchers and specialists to work in this field and have made the Internet of Things one of the primary research priorities in the world. This research group, consisting of a group of faculty members, students and researchers of the university, was established for the purpose of organized research and conducting operational projects in the field of cloud computing technologies, Internet of Things and big data infrastructure. The main goal of the group is to create a very suitable and ready space for defining up-to-date projects and operationalizing them at the country level, as well as for raising up-to-date research issues in the mentioned research field. Due to the rapid development of information and communication technology and the increasing growth of the production of various data such as: transaction, text, image, video and internet pages, the need to create massive databases with the ability to store this variety of data and their useful use has become a disadvantage. Big data technology has been introduced by large data management companies in the world to respond to the development of such databases and to adapt to their rapid growth. Currently, one of the main assets of any business and organization is big data and its proper maintenance structure. In fact, these businesses and organizations make a lot of investment to create, maintain and develop big data for their business in order to use the results of data analysis.

• Consulting and implementation of IoT projects in the health and medical industry
• Consulting and implementation of IoT projects in the transportation industry and smart urban traffic
• Consultancy and implementation of IoT projects in the smart city management industry
• Production of IoT hardware equipment according to local needs
• Designing and developing the necessary infrastructure for big data storage
• Design and implementation of cloud computing for organizations and businesses
• Developing the necessary infrastructure to provide infrastructure, platform and software as a service
• Development and optimization of existing data centers in organizations

Research Groups

Dr Mahdi Sharifi


Computer College