Education Courses

Course Name Professors Start Date Course Duration Holding Day Hours Tuition Course Status
SPLUS DR.SAADAT DRSEYRANI Sept. 11, 2022 10HRS روزهای فرد ساعت 16تا19 300000T Is Executed
LaTeX for Academic Writing Dr Velayati Sept. 18, 2022 9 hrs روزهای فرد 16-19 180000T Is Executed
Medical graphy analysis Dr.fekri ershad Aug. 29, 2022 6hrs دوشنبه وچهارشنبه ساعت 16تا19 250000T Is Executed
IT Skills for Managers Dr Nabiollahi, Dr Sharifi July 28, 2022 8 hrs Tur 9-13 320000T Is Executed
Evaluate organizations using data envelopment analysis method Dr Khosro Soleimani Sept. 3, 2022 8 ساعت Monday 9-13 120000T Is Executed
EA Sparx-1401 Spring Dr Ajudanian June 12, 2022 6 hrs. Sun-Tue 15-18 210000 T Is Executed
Introduction to fuzzy logic and fuzzy expert system development Dr Zahra Beheshti June 14, 2022 10 Hrs. Sat- Tue 16-18:30 3600000 Is Executed
Treats of social networks Eng Nima Akhlaghi May 11, 2022 10 Hrs. Mon.-Wen. 16-19 1600000 Is Executed
IT Service Management based on ITIL Dr Akbar Nabiollahi Sept. 16, 2021 12 Hours Wed-Tur 8-14 140000T Is Executed
Introduction to Machine learning Dr Zahra Beheshti, Hossein Hadipour, Dr Shervan Fekri Ershad, Sohameh Mohammadi Aug. 17, 2021 30 Hours سه شنبه پنج شنبه 15-19 3800000 Is Executed